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Tanzania’s incumbent Magufuli declared election winner

Tanzania’s electoral body has declared the incumbent president John Magufuli as the presidential election winner as the opposition cries foul after taking the biggest majority since multi-party elections began in 1995.

Tanzania’s incumbent Magufuli declared election winner

(The African Stand) — Tanzania’s National Electoral Commission has so far announced voting results for 231 out of Tanzania’s 264 constituencies, leaving incumbent President John Magufuli with an 85% majority.

Though the full results are not expected until later today, the current numbers clearly set  Magufuli up for a landslide win in both the presidential and parliamentary polls.

The ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi party (CCM) has seized almost every key opposition stronghold, even those which have consistently held an opposition majority since 1995.

The election has been marred by internet blackouts, allegations of voter intimidation in opposition strongholds, and the casting of ‘prefilled’ ballots.

Tanzania’s incumbent Magufuli declared election winner

The polls were being touted as a watershed moment for the country, faced with a choice between Magufuli’s increasingly authoritarian rule, or preserving democracy.

President John Magufuli, who is seeking a second five-year term as leader of the East Africa country, has fashioned himself as a nationalist ruler, who is against foreign interference and is intolerant of dissent.

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