What is a medical technologist?

Doctors build several of their choices concerning designation and treatment of unwellness supported laboratory take a look at results.

It’s the responsibility of the medical personnel to produce correct and precise information as a result of they will hold life and death in their hands, the medical personnel should grasp once the results area unit is incorrect and want to be rechecked.


In chemistry, a medical person measures many alternative proteins and electrolytes, likewise, drug levels want to monitor patient medical aid.

A medical person operating within the department of chemistry can tell the doctor several things. Or instance, what proportion of sugar is within the patient’s blood.

what proportion supermolecule is within the patient’s excreta, or whether or not or not the patient incorporates an underabundant of the testing in chemistry is completed on automatic analyzers.

Blood Banking

A medical person in blood banks should be particularly correct and arranged. Blood banker’s kind blood and matches it to donor units of blood for transfusions. A slip in the bank is terribly dangerous, as a result of if a medical person offers the incorrect kind of donor blood, it is fatal.

Everyone has totally different antibodies in their blood, which might react against blood varieties apart from their own. The general public area unit group Ozone of the oldest diagnostic procedures within the laboratory is the analysis of excreta.

Excreta is taken into account to be a fluid product of the waste materials of the blood. Excreta is created within the kidneys, keep within the bladder, and excreted by the manner of the epithelial duct.


Associate in Nursing adult’s urinary organ will filter over one cubic decimeter of blood each minute. Most of this can come to the circulation, and only one cubic decimeter of excreta is created within the course of a full day.

Tests of excreta will verify plenty of things concerning the health standing of a private. Solution imbalance, urinary organ harm, tract infection, and polygenic disorder area unit simply a couple of the issues that may be found in qualitative analysis.

The medical personnel in medical specialty appearance at blood beneath a magnifier and tells the doctor what kind of white blood cells area unit gift and in what numbers.

Coagulation and Hematology

They conjointly use a cell counter, which may be a huge instrument which will count the cells for the person and may even tell the various varieties apart. All of the tests done on the cell counter area unit referred to as the whole Blood Count (CBC).

The person conjointly measures what proportion of the blood is red blood cells versus plasma (the fluid a part of the blood). This takes a look at is named a Hematocrit. Technologists live what proportion hemoglobin is a gift within the blood, too.

Keep in mind hemoglobin is extremely necessary within the creating of red blood cells. A really necessary part of medical specialty is determining if the parts of the patient’s blood area unit within the correct proportion.


The medical technologist’s main concern in biology is a bacterium. There is a unit of many alternative styles of bacterium that cause infections. It’s the technologist’s job to see what kind of bacterium area unit inflicting the matter within the patient and what kind of antibiotics can work best against the “bugs”.

The person conjointly appearance for fungi and parasites. Infections will happen near anyplace within the body. This implies that the person in biology should affect many alternative styles of specimens.

The person takes the specimen and puts it onto plates stuffed with nutrients for the bacterium and fungi to grow Northey then cross-check what grows and use the physical look of the expansion and totally different chemical tests to see what kind of organism is growing.


Written by Joyce Namutosi

Joyce Namutosi is a Nairobi, Kenya based journalist with the local media and The Reporter newspaper. He has written for CNN, the Huffington Post, and The Globe and Mail in Canada.

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