The Politics behind Haftar’s transfer of power in Libya

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Libya’s military chief, caliph Haftar, apparently has his power and leaves his subordinate to the authority.

The Libyan military official is concerned about the International Criminal Court in assessing their casework in reporting on the mass graves and the struggle of the allies.

It is represented that the Libyan military caliph Haftar has given his organization powers I leave less power Abd al-Ra. not like I am Al-Naduri.

This comes after a report by Rosen of the end of the conflict between Hifter and his Libia Tobruk, Sur Saleh known by Parliament. Saleh rejects this, at least in the way of counting.

Despite the way Saleh is announced more than once that her relationship with Haftar has exceeded any official position, which is direct, that instead of false impressions he saw only the protection of the war Prince, which he calls “natural”, I published the phenomenon” in the children’s countries of the world.

According to Haftar on the prize now, will be sent to the mission by une for baby’s importance under no circumstances be promoted in defense or at the base, in the area of application between haftar and real volunteers of the Forza team lord of war forced by the”army of competence and security, before the child, including-Howdy administrative preparation.

In the vicinity of benefits, Haftar was dismissed by the district authorities in order to avoid that the possible results of his past be investigated prevented wishes: assessment of ordinary people digging in graves, and aggressions carried out by the rebels during the UN attack carried out by the United Nations for the organization disappear.

Divers specialists of the state of Saleh is un avanz, covered near the”IC”, and then at a sad time at the tombs of Tarhun Haftar and cleared the way for a new power plant.

Egypt also seems to be missing confiance en Haftar, as reports are emerging from Cairo that Egypt’s legislative body is looking more at the elections than at military specialists, who were regularly confirmed after the reformist disillusionment of the un.

As Karim Ma demonstrates .run, high authority at the Atlantic Council, has one .ILA Saleh impact of the fortress in eastern Libya. The president of Parliament is not only in Haftarah, but also a great political figure who has a place with the Obaidat faction Tobruk.

In addition, Saleh is a place with a family that obviously needs to run security jobs in Tobruk.

At the end of June, Saleh al-Sisi al-Masri called for military mediation in Haftar when the Libyan military attacked the city of Sirte. Legal adviser and administrator Saleh is an unusual point of reference.

Saleh is reliably finished envoy of the UN-refined official, ready to sell balances to boys and their accomplices. In May he met with the organization of the leaders of Haftar and volunteers of the armed forces, without the military leader of the summit. Haftar the no-show was un the direct result of the way that they había a few differences from Saleh in time.

The best confusion between them was the time when Haftar made a name for himself as the”only Lydia leader”, widely justified by Parliament. Secondly, during the rain, it will be Haftar who will maintain the political level with which the UN speaks to the year 2015.

From now on and for all future predictions, hi has a series of reports from Ajila Saleh, to whom he agreed that he was ordained” above the incomparable forces of the armed forces”, demanding a grant al-Nazir, as Haftar’s replacement.

Libya Examiner Muhammad Buwaisir at the end of the show to begin an Anadolu that Haftar will be crushed, before the year that is over, as small countries, including states, units, understand that había was armed with a punishment to fight, especially after the proposal powers attaquar the conventional tenants with a map of the mission.

In view of these factors, haftarot decided that it could be investigated from an alternative perspective.

The essential circumstance shows that Egypt can retain Ajile Saleh as a political reinforcement for the character of Abdel-Ra in view of the internal and external parts .ek Die-Naduri as another member of the Armed Forces of a pioneer.

In addition, Saleh as for Egypt it is really tight for its legislative issues of character and ethnic power. We are L’ultimo commitment that the tribes can maintain UN-backed control against Libia as part of this ID see.I pay little attention to the knowledge first before the speech. In addition, Haftar tea plans to provide an exceptional opportunity for a lack of respect Saleh teachers. It will be Saleh who was recently elected head of state of the Libyan National Army in Naduri.

The result is based on Haftar’s commitment to getting help from Saleh the commanders of the armed forces and you have to join your evil comportement. Likewise Saleh’s state of armed forces in this way, one could feel the doubt, the guilt of aggression will end during their organization.

Written by Hassan Juma

Hassan Juma is an international reporter who graduated with a degree from The United States International University where he majored in Journalism and International Relations and he is currently working for African Stand as a senior reporter covering the Middle East, US, Asia, and Europe.

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